Thursday, October 25, 2012

So Many Fun Things Happening

Life is been rollercoaster the past couple of weeks.  I had the chance to stay with the boys while their parents took a vacation to the wine country.  I saw football games for both of them…they are both 85 or Ocho Cinco…, took care of pigs, went to an A&M game, saw J play baseball, drove carpool for the younger one and tried to keep up with the older one via text messages!  Such fun!

Here are some pictures of the adventures…

J is the cornerback on this side. This is 7th grade; they do not play 6th grade football in Texas.2012-10-11 010

2012-10-11 012

The boys had to clean the pig pens and we let the pigs out for a little walk!2012-10-13 0042012-10-13 005

This at bat was a single with 2 RBIs.2012-10-14 004

The hands were disking were day near the house.2012-10-16 008

P is the defensive end…2012-10-18 004and punter for his team.2012-10-18 0082012-10-18 009

2012-10-19 0042012-10-19 0052012-10-19 0132012-10-19 017

The A&M football game on Sat. against LSU where A&M got out-scored.

The fly-over2012-10-20 002the game2012-10-20 004and the band.2012-10-20 010

After church on Sunday, we ate at a Mexican restaurant (shocker!) before it was time to catch a plane home.2012-10-21 007

On Tuesday we celebrated Ts 7th birthday!2012-10-23 005


Monday, October 8, 2012

Ole Miss Game

We drove to Memphis where we went to antique stores, drove around some beautiful neighborhoods and then went downtown.  Our first stop was the Peabody Hotel where we got to the see the famous Peabody ducks leave their fountain, get on their elevator and go to their penthouse for the evening.2012-10-05 001When we arrived, the crowds had already begun to gather so we had to go upstairs.  Most of the pictures were too dark but here you can see their red carpet and the stairs that they will use to climb out of the fountain. You can see 4 ducks in the fountain. 2012-10-05 004

We then walked to Beale Street...2012-10-05 0152012-10-05 017

and then it was time for supper at Rendezvous.2012-10-05 0202012-10-05 018Great ribs and brisket along with the atmosphere!

Saturday morning we had breakfast at the hotel and then drove to Oxford for the football game.  We parked near the square and began walking around. The courthouse is in the center of the square much like it is in many county seats in the South.2012-10-06 001

As we were walking around, we saw Dr. Loftin, the President of Texas A&M University.  He was so gracious to have his picture made with us.2012-10-06 002A former football coach was also there, but he had walked off before we could speak to him.  We find having a college president and former coach at an away game a very unique situation.

We ate lunch at Ajax restaurant…another delicious Southern meal!2012-10-06 004

We walked our lunch off by walking to the Ole Miss campus 2012-10-06 006

and going to The Grove.2012-10-06 0072012-10-06 008

We then went into the stadium2012-10-06 0092012-10-06 011and saw A&M win a close game 30-27.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Rainy Day

We recently got to go to a LHS football game at an away game and I wanted to show you some of the sights from the game.  Before we got there, of course we had to eat!

2012-09-28 001

Football in Texas brings much pageantry, even before the game.2012-09-28 0042012-09-28 0032012-09-28 005

Lufkin has a deaf football player and it is always interesting to watch he and his interpreter on the sidelines when he is in the game as well as out.

2012-09-28 010

After going into 4 overtimes, Lufkin won the game 71-68! Yes that is a football game score…not a basketball goal!

Then Sat. brought us to the A&M-Arkansas game. Since it was raining off and on, I am showing a variety of rain gear as well as foot wear.

2012-09-29 0112012-09-29 0102012-09-29 0132012-09-29 0142012-09-29 015

A&M won the game 57-10, or something like that!2012-09-29 004

Of course we had to eat before we headed home!2012-09-29 017