Thursday, October 30, 2008

All Hallows Eve Eve

After school today, we went to the M&M/Mars' Boo Bash. All of the children were dressed in such a variety of costumes. Tripp and Rheagan had a good time with the associates who were dressed in themes...Wizard of Oz, High School Musical, Bob the Builder, and Fairy Tales. We didn't go to the Haunted House; neither of the kids wanted to do that activity, which was fine with me!
There were "jumpy things", snacks, pumpkins to decorate and waaaaaay too much candy.

Rheagan then had soccer practice and they went to have pictures made with their TN cousins and stopped by our house to pick up their "loot".

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Party Time

Last night Tripp had his 3rd birthday party. Here are some pictures from that celebration!

He wanted a cake with red icing and blue, green and yellow on it, so here's what he got.

A big box from Kelly, Tio, Payne and Jackson.

Even though Big Mike was in Missouri visiting Uncle Bob and going to the A&M football game, he made sure that Tripp got his present. The hat fit better after it was tightened.

Rheagan had to show her attitude before she entertained the younger children.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Birthday, Tripp

The youngest grandson is 3 years old. WOW!


Saturday, October 18, 2008

A&M vs. Texas Tech

Today we drove to College Station for the football game that kicked off at 11:00a.m.! We met Kelly, Jon, Payne and Jackson there. Here are pictures from the day. I've even included a picture of the Tech band in honor of some extended family and friends.

The A&M band marching to the stadium...

The resting place of the deceased Revilles...notice the small scoreboard...they are buried so they can always see the scoreboard.

Before the game, there was presentation that George H. gave to an astronaut...

The Tech band...

The A&M band...

The young man was a little bored in the 4th quarter...

Mike and I came back to Houston and ate supper at Pappasito's...wonderful...

Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Nilght Lights

The Lufkin Panthers played the Conroe Tigers tonight in Conroe and lost 27-11. It was their first district loss in 8 years. Since we were in the area, we went and stayed to the bitter end. I took pictures, but the memory card was not in the camera! I'll make sure it's there for the A&M game tomorrow.

Thursday Night Football

We flew to Houston on Thursday so that we could see David play in a 9th grade football game. He is #89 and plays end on his football team. He plays for Kingwood Park High School. We really enjoyed seeing his game. I couldn't get shots of him playing...too far away and it was too cool and windy for me to go down to the field!

He is a precious young man...he was the freshman "prince" at the Homecoming game last week end. We have known him since we took care of him when we all lived in Las Vegas. He makes us so proud to have gotten to watch him grown and mature in his personal life and in his walk with the Lord. We look forward to see where life will take him...hopefully that path will go through Texas A&M.

After the game, we went to Chipolte's for a late supper. Here's David being shy and then showing us his "good" side.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday, Oct. 12, 2008

Before we left Friday morning, I took some pictures of the roses and the beginning of some Fall color in our trees. You can see that we had fog that morning.

We got to Lufkin in time for the Lufkin Panther football game. It would be an understatement to say that football is important in Lufkin! Here are some scenes from the game.

We stayed with Sid and Debbie and appreciated their hospitality. Here we are with a "slimming" Sid who has lost 80 pounds so far.

The highlight of the Texas A&M-Kansas State football game on Saturday was the Aggie Band!

We stopped for supper on the way back to Houston and Mike enjoyed the chicken fried steak and I had a hamburger and onion rings.

Monday, October 6, 2008

My Time is Up

I came back to Tennessee today after a wonderful time with Payne and Jackson. Kelly and Jon had a good trip to Mexico, but it was time for everyone to get back to their regular schedules.

Yesterday we went to church and then the boys had baseball games.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fall Festival

Today was the Fall Festival for the San Patricio 4H clubs. There were booths of all sorts...Jackson came home with a pocket full of assorted prizes and candy in addition to the 3 goldfish that he won. (We had to stop on the way home to get some fish food for them!) Payne's first responsibility was to be in the dunking booth.

Jackson enjoyed taking a turn and hitting the bulls eye!

Payne had a "friend" put him in jail and jack had a good time on the blowup climbing wall.

Payne's final activity was in the haunted house. Jackson walked around and reminded people that the haunted house was open and ready for customers.

Jackson and I came home after it got dark so we could feed the pigs and get ready for bed. Payne stayed with his aunt and cousins so they could go the dance for a while.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Me and My Shadow

This morning after I got back from taking the boys to school, I went for a walk. It was just me and my shadow. (Kinda reminds me of a song...)

Actually the 2 yellow labs went along with me, but as dogs will tend to do...they did their own thing, like stop, sniff, pee, and chase butterflies and stop, sniff and pee some more.

This was the view I had as I "went"

and this is the view as I "returned".

The only sounds I heard were a couple of train whistles and a plane flying overhead as it began its descent into the Corpus airport.

The labs are completley different in size and in personality. The leaner of the 2 is always going at a quick clip...maybe the reason for her slenderness. She's the hunter and on Monday she returned with a wood duck that was already dead, but she doesn't understand why it won't run and try to get away so she can "play" with it. Here it is today, and she still throws it up in the air, wanting it to play. It smells!!

The rounder of the dogs walked along side of me the whole way, but never jogged or ran...maybe the reason for her body style.

After the boys got home from school, they went to clean up the pigs pens. They are very willing to do what is necessary to deal with the pigs.

Tonight we went to watch one of Payne and Jackson's other cousins, Chloe, play in a freshmen volleyball game (she is #4) and then cheer for her high school football team. It was fun to watch her and the boys enjoyed being with their cousin Gus who is a Jr. in high school.

We had stopped at Whataburger on the way, but Payne had to eat again at the game...he's a growing boy!