Monday, March 19, 2012

Last Day of Winter

It may be the last day of Winter but our yard looks as if it is the middle of Spring. Here are some pictures of things that are blooming,( and even past their prime), coming up, putting on new growth, etc.2012-03-19 0022012-03-19 034

2012-03-19 005

2012-03-19 006

2012-03-19 007

2012-03-19 0092012-03-19 011

2012-03-19 017

2012-03-19 020

2012-03-19 022

2012-03-19 032

2012-03-19 028

2012-03-19 030

2012-03-19 0422012-03-19 027

2012-03-19 038

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring Sports

The two oldest grandchildren had memorable sporting events this past week. 

P was moved to the Odem Owl Varsity baseball team…a big deal for a freshman!  Then the team played in the Corpus Christi minor league baseball field…Whataburger Field and P was the designated hitter. Payne at Whataburger field batting

R had her first golf match for the CMS Raiders. 2012-03-14 005

We are so proud of them and their accomplishments.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Trip to Texas

Recently we were in Texas to visit with our South Texas family and then go to Lufkin where Mike had a planning committee meeting for our 50th high school reunion.

We were to see Payne play baseball but the 3 games were rained out!  So this is how we saw him play baseball…2012-03-10 002

We did get to see Jackson play basketball on Saturday morning…2012-03-10 004

2012-03-10 008

We had many good meals while there, both that Kelly cooked and when we ate out.  No pictures of food but a couple before we ordered.2012-03-10 015

2012-03-10 018

I forgot to take the camera to church Sunday morning to take some pictures of their new church…so pretty.  But after we got home and changed clothes I took some before we headed to Lufkin.2012-03-11 001

2012-03-11 009

The time in Lufkin was not saved for posterity on film, but we had many good visits with family and friends.  It was good to have lunch with Karen and Clarice after the planning meeting.  Staying with Sid and Debbie is always fun…they certainly have the gift of hospitality.