Monday, December 30, 2013

Monday, December 30, 2013

Today the golfers headed out for a round on the links at Shipyard.IMG_0567

The rest of us played the XBox…IMG_0569

put the last piece in the puzzle…IMG_0576

The finished product…IMG_0583

We had lunch at Harold’s Diner…IMG_0588IMG_0592

T posing like his cousin P…IMG_0594

After a bike ride…tripp1

to the ruins…tripp2

and being a monkey,tripp3

we played another game of Yatzee…IMG_0595

The golfers returned and we went to supper…IMG_0599

I had some help with the rest of my bowl picks…IMG_0602

and another game of ChickenFoot…IMG_0603

before we watched more football!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Rainy Start

A rainy morning started with a bed full of technology! IMG_0538IMG_0542

We opted to live stream the service from FBC.IMG_0543IMG_0544

We went for brunch…


and then we enjoyed a beautiful afternoon of bike riding.


We saw more alligators out today than we can ever remember seeing on one day! Here is a variety of wildlife…IMG_2639IMG_2640IMG_2643IMG_2664IMG_2672

We also saw a bald eagle dive into a pond a get a fish and then fly off!   What a sight to see!!

We rode on the beach…


A great tree for a picture…


A trip by the lighthouse finished off the bike ride.


We continued with games, puzzles, reading, etc.



Saturday, December 28, 2013

Time Away

We have enjoyed a few days at Hilton Head.  A morning of golf was on the agenda for some…and yes, it was a blue shirt day!


For others, it was a variety of activities…IMG_0528




Then it was time for supper at Crazy Crab.IMG_0534

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Smokey Mountain Christmas

Recently we went to Dollywood to see some shows and the Christmas lights. In spite of the rain, we had a good time.

2013-12-22 007

Our first show was “Christmas in the Smokies” but forgot to take any pictures!

We heard the Kingdom Heirs sing…

2013-12-22 005

then it was an outdoor performance…

2013-12-22 013

2013-12-22 011

Another outdoor performance of O Holy Night…

2013-12-22 015

a stop at Santa’s Workshop…

2013-12-22 033

2013-12-22 018

and then to some rides!

2013-12-22 025

2013-12-22 037

2013-12-22 046

A couple of more stops before another show…

2013-12-22 053

2013-12-22 061

We got to see Dolly in “A Christmas Carol”

2013-12-22 067

2013-12-22 068

We saw the parade before we boarded the train…

2013-12-22 087

2013-12-22 077

2013-12-22 095

2013-12-22 099

We saw the Carol of the Trees before we headed home after a wonderful day.

2013-12-22 142

2013-12-22 147

Other sights from the day…

2013-12-22 0272013-12-22 0082013-12-22 0342013-12-22 139

2013-12-22 1282013-12-22 073

2013-12-22 0032013-12-22 134

2013-12-22 1402013-12-22 0552013-12-22 052