Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happy Birthday, Tripp

Well, it now takes 2 hands for Tripp to show you how old he is!!  It’s pretty special to be 6 years old.IMG_1366

Allie 002

2011-09-11 012


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Win for the Home Team

This past week end we had the opportunity to go to the A&M-Baylor football game…we were a house divided.

We got there a little after noon so we had to stop for a little snack…we couldn’t wait until supper to eat!  Plus we always try to get a Whataburger whenever we are in Texas.2011-10-14 001

On Friday night, K and the boys and a friend drove to Houston to spend the night with us.  J had gone to Indiana to get pigs!

We went to Pappasittas for Mexican food but we dove into the food before I could get a picture!  S joined us after she had choir practice…what kind of choir director has his choir practice their Christmas music on a Friday night?!2011-10-14 003

We headed to College Station early Saturday morning for an 11:00 a.m. kickoff.  This was a “white-out” game to remember the Texas wildfires that occurred earlier this fall.2011-10-15 003

Both of the bands performed at halftime.2011-10-15 006

2011-10-15 009

The final score was A&M 55-Baylor 28.

This is a view of our side of the stands after the game when we were on the field.  We sit in the 3rd deck…it’s a long walk up there!2011-10-15 011

The boys always enjoy going onto the field and throwing a football after the game.2011-10-15 012

We headed our separate ways and we stopped here for a baked potato and brisket and sausage before we went to the hotel. Again, we were too hungry to remember to take a picture of our food!2011-10-15 013

Sunday morning we went to the airport for our flight back to Tennessee.  This is our last trip through the Houston airport so I had to take a final picture what you see as you enter the terminal.2011-10-16 001

Monday, October 10, 2011

Another Season

Fall decorations are out but today it was time to add Halloween “stuff” to the mix. 

We normally don’t have any orange in our house but Halloween is an exception!

I have left a lot of stuff in the container in the basement…it has gotten too old or is no longer wanted.  Now I just need to find a place for these things!2011-10-10 002

Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Week in Review

I had the opportunity to give K & J a brief respite and stay with the boys while they headed south, south of the border for a week.

We went to various high school football games on Friday night and Saturday was spent watching college football games and then shopping for FFA apparel before going to see Money Ball.   Later,hamburgers at Five Guys were delicious.

After church on Sunday, we headed to more sporting events…J to a tennis match and P to a baseball game.payne pitching

On Monday, P had to dress in his FFA “uniform” for school since he is an officer…the treasurer.

2011-10-03 001

Lunch with friends was good and P cooked hotdogs on the grill on supper.

After school, J had a tennis lesson.2011-10-03 007That evening they both attended the FFA meeting.

On Tuesday, I went to Corpus to return things for K and make a Wal-Mart run!

On Wednesday, a tractor was in front of the house!2011-10-04 002

Everyday I was able to walk, straighten the house, do laundry, read, knit and run the “taxi”!  Cooking a variety of breakfast items for the boys was always fun.  A friend came for supper and P cooked our hamburgers on the grill…he’s a real renaissance man!

On Thursday, the Jr. High was celebrating “Cowboy Day” and J certainly looked the part…

2011-10-06 001

K & J came home in the afternoon and after feeding P and getting him back to school, we went to San Diego for P’s football game.  We ate Mexican food along the way to the game.  (History reminder…San Diego is in Duval County which became infamous in the election of LBJ to the US House when it seems that a number of people who lived in the cemetery voted for him!)

Ocho Cinco (#85)

2011-10-06 002

played both ways during the game.2011-10-06 003

The support staff did an excellent job…way to go J!!2011-10-06 007

2011-10-06 012

The camera had some issues when the game was over, but I still enjoyed the stinky, sweaty boy!

2011-10-06 015

I flew home on Friday and liked seeing the sun on the clouds from the window of the airplane.

2011-10-07 003

I had a great time with the boys and hope to be able to do it again sometime.