Thursday, September 27, 2012

Pickle Ball

For the past few  weeks, Mike and sometimes me, have played pickle ball on Thursdays for about 3 hours. We are playing with 5 to 8 other people.  Pickle ball is a cross between table tennis and tennis played on a court much the size of badminton. Here is a picture of paddles…2012-09-27 001

The balls are yellow whiffle balls( I didn’t take a picture). The net is about 3 feet.  We tape the court off with blue painter’s tape and then we are ready to play!

2012-09-27 013

2012-09-27 009

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


There is now a teenage girl in our family!

Today she is 13!!

2012-09-24 002

2012-09-24 004


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Food and Football

We had a great week end in Texas and ate some wonderful food.  As soon as we got off of the plane in Houston, we headed to Moe’s for delicious bar-b-que.  We each had a loaded baked potato and we shared brisket and sausage.2012-09-20 001

We went To Lufkin on Friday and got to eat Mexican for lunch…2012-09-21 001

After running errands, we went to the LHS football game, but forgot the camera!

Saturday morning we ate breakfast with D and S…2012-09-22 002

then we headed to CS for the A&M football game. We had hamburgers and cheese fries at Chicken Oil but again forgot to take the camera.

We watched the team walk to the stadium…2012-09-22 003

The boys each brought a friend with them to the game.2012-09-22 012

2012-09-22 014 

A&M played SC State and won 70-14.2012-09-22 013

2012-09-22 016

As we were leaving we passed the President of A&M, so he graciously had his picture made with P and J.2012-09-22 009

The last picture should be of the McDonald’s ice cream cone that we ate on the way back to Houston!

It really was a wonderful week end of food and football!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Soccer on Sunday

It’s a new era of soccer around here…

R is now referring…2012-09-16 004

and T’s team is now playing with a goalie.  Everyone got a turn and T loved it…2012-09-16 006

Monday, September 17, 2012

We’re in the SEC!!

2012-09-08 003

Mike, and Aggies in general, are glad and excited for A&M to be in the SEC.

Having ESPN Game Day on campus was an added bit of excitement for the A&M vs. Florida football game.2012-09-08 0072012-09-08 0102012-09-08 014

The crowds were energized as they awaited the A&M band and corps to march down the street.2012-09-08 024

It took longer than usual to get into the stadium.2012-09-08 0292012-09-08 033

The fly-over at the end of the National Anthem…2012-09-08 036

The new coach made some changes in the way that the team enters the stadium.2012-09-08 040

Ready for the kick-off…2012-09-08 044

The band acknowledged the SEC at the end of their performance.2012-09-08 051

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Life Moves On

Wow!  I am really out of the habit of posting on the blog!  Since I last posted P and J came for a visit.



2012-08-03 023

School has started for everyone…10th grade, 2 7th graders and 1st grade.

Fall sports have begun with P and J playing football…

Payne and Jack in football unis...fall 2012

and R and T playing soccer.

2012-09-06 015

That’s a pretty good start…I’ll do A&M football soon.