Saturday, May 2, 2015

Finishing Off April

T played in a soccer match at the Hindu Community Center…who knew there was such a place? 

2015-04-11 001

The field left a little bit to be desired!2015-04-11 004

Another Saturday, he played in Knoxville.2015-04-18 002

Four friends spent a week end in Townsend and enjoyed a hike in the Smokey Mountains.2015-04-24 001

2015-04-24 0032015-04-24 002

We were learning about the Feasts of the Bible through videos; great information and we learned so much.

Another day we went for a walk and this fellow greeted us!2015-04-25 001

This was the view from my room on Sunday morning…God’s gorgeous creation. The mountains were covered with clouds.2015-04-26 001

After we came home, I was honored with a birthday celebration.2015-04-26 003