Sunday, September 21, 2014

Weekend in Dallas

This week end was spent in Dallas with good friends, J & D.  You will recognize them from our trips to Utah.

When we arrived Friday night, J had pulled pork sandwich and chicken tortellini soup ready for us.  We finished the meal off with a variety of Blue Bell ice creams!

Saturday morning we had Crème Brule  French toast along with bacon and fresh fruit.2014-09-20 001

We then headed to Southern Methodist University and the George Bush Library.  D had pre-purchased parking tickets in a nearby garage and to the library.  We were able to park, go to the library and then to the football game without having to move the car.  Great idea!!2014-09-20 005

One of the most interesting things in the library was the exact replica of the Oval Office.  So, of course, we sat behind George’s desk!2014-09-20 006

This is the chair where George would always sit when he entertained dignitaries. 2014-09-20 009

A great statue out in the courtyard…2014-09-20 014

There was also a wonderful display of Oscar de la Renta dresses; many of them worn by Mrs. Bush as well as their daughters.

After we finished our time in the library, we went to Café 43 where D had also made reservations. The café is on the grounds of the library and is rightly named since George was president 43!  They had hamburgers and I chose the turkey panini.2014-09-20 017

Then we walked toward the football stadium.  They are the SMU Mustangs so the statue is appropriate.2014-09-20 019

We got to our seats…2014-09-20 021

The temperature was nearly unbearable but the game was exciting, especially if you were rooting for A&M!2014-09-20 030

As usual the A&M band won the half-time!2014-09-20 0372014-09-20 034

After the bands performed, we decided to go back to their house.  People were under the stands trying to cool off with fans, cool towels, etc.  The para medics were busy through out the stadium.  I think we made a very wise choice. We got to see the last part of the game in the cool air-conditioning!  A&M won the game 58-6. 

For supper J fixed steak, corn, rice and a kale salad.  Delicious!  Again we had ice cream but this time she added an apple turn-over to go with it.

This morning we joined them at their church, Lake Pointe.  Didn’t take in my phone so no picture.  A very good sermon about The Furnace-Life in the Fire.  We were not able to stay for their Life Group (small group, connect group, Sunday School)since we needed to get to the airport for an early afternoon flight back to Tennessee.

It was a great week end with good friends, a winning football game, seeing something new, and worshipping together.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Football and Golf

This past week end we flew to Texas for the A&M-Rice football game.  This is the view I had back in the coach section of the plane…2014-09-13 002

I’m not sure what M was seeing in 1st class!!

Of course, we had to stop for a burger on our way to College Station…2014-09-13 004

We met the rest of the family in College Station and again ate hamburgers, but no pictures from there!

We walked into the stadium but stopped along the way…2014-09-13 011

2014-09-13 022

After climbing to the 3rd deck and getting in our seats that we have had for 15 years.  We had to move when J was born to get an additional seat!  So he has never sat anyplace else in Kyle Field.

2014-09-13 0272014-09-13 029

Pregame and half-time shots…2014-09-13 030

the MOB…Marching Owl Band2014-09-13 033

the Aggie Band2014-09-13 036

The final score was A&M 38- Rice 10.

After we walked across the street for breakfast on Sunday, we got to watch part of the Tour de Pink bike ride in Hempstead, TX.2014-09-14 002

2014-09-14 003

We had some quiet time at the Houston airport where we walked, 2014-09-14 009

put our feet up,

2014-09-14 015

and looked at some interesting art pieces.

2014-09-14 0102014-09-14 011

2014-09-14 013

Today R had her district golf match…

2014-09-15 001

2014-09-15 004

This course always seems to have deer walking around!!

2014-09-15 009

At the end of 18 holes, CHS was tied with WV with scores of 162…so it was off to a sudden death play off.  They have 3 girls on their team and we only have 2 but only 2 scores from each team counts.

2014-09-15 014

They certainly had a gallery watching them!

2014-09-15 0102014-09-15 011

They had to play 3 holes to determine a winner…CHS came in 2nd, but will play in the region next week.

2014-09-15 012


Friday, September 12, 2014

Beginning of September

K was recently inducted into the Cleveland High School Hall of Fame.  She was very honored to be included but got a big surprise at the ceremony when R had the privilege to introduce her.


We got to go to Texas A&M to see the renovated Kyle Field.IMG_1768

The teams came out on the field, and it began to thunder and lightning even before they kicked off, so we had a 2 1/2 hour delay!  They took the teams off of the field but left us in the stands!! Where was the logic in that?

The band did an excellent job, as usual.IMG_1778

They game was over at 12:30 a.m. so it was actually a 2-day game! A&M won 72-3.

We had breakfast with the Odem family, but I didn’t take any pictures…I certainly will this week end!!

The flights home followed the same pattern as the game…delays. We had time to ride around the Houston terminal on the above-ground train…IMG_1779

and eat Chinese food!IMG_1781

The flight to Atlanta was a little long since the pilot had to skirt thunderstorms, but it sure made for some pretty clouds!IMG_1784

While we waited in the Atlanta airport during a 2 hour delay, we walked and watched football games.

It was a busy week sports wise for the grands…football, soccer and golf.

I will try to be a little more consistent in posting now that it is football season.