Wednesday, July 31, 2013

First Leg

The journey of 1500+ miles begins in the driveway!IMG_1975

It wasn’t long before there was a stop for a Roo cup refill…IMG_1976

and some Mickey D chicken nuggets.IMG_1977

North Carolina was our first, of many, state welcome centers.IMG_1978

We checked into the hotel and then it was time for supper…IMG_1980IMG_1981

They put on their bathing suits and headed for the pool, but they got in and out so quickly that there was no time for a picture!

The next morning we ate breakfast at the hotel and continued our journey.


It was an uneventful drive across SC to the coast and Charleston.  We checked into the hotel and got ready to go to B’s wedding on Kiawah Island.

Proud parents…wedding

Helpful big sister…IMG_8539

cute kids…


who’s the tallest?…IMG_8544

The newly-weds…us wedding

T and Hero…

tripp and Hero

It was a beautiful wedding in a beautiful setting.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

More River Time and Home

We had the chance to go to the river once again.
Tubing is always fun…
2013-07-22 002
but even moreso when you are getting thrown around!
2013-07-22 014
Working hard on getting up on the skis…
2013-07-22 122
2013-07-22 238
After kneeboarding, this was a great way to finish the day on the water.
2013-07-22 335
Jack loves to squeeze!
2013-07-22 005
We went for yogurt...


played Chicken Foot

and measured!

The next morning, it was time to head to Atlanta.

2013-07-23 009

But a stop at Panera for a bagel before hitting the road.

2013-07-23 013

Another meal before getting on the plane.

2013-07-23 016

2013-07-23 018

2013-07-23 021

Other Activities

Another day we had a change of pace…

They swam in different water…2013-07-21 003

We went to the park and of course, they had to measure!

2013-07-21 065

More water adventures…

2013-07-21 072

Then it was time to hit the lanes…  thank goodness for the gutter guards!

2013-07-21 008

2013-07-21 006

2013-07-21 007

Saturday, July 27, 2013

More Water Time

Everyone enjoyed the water in their own way!2013-07-20 1152013-07-20 2002013-07-20 230

Even K had to prove that she still can do it!2013-07-20 147

Fun time on the Water

We were able to enjoy being on the water while J was here.

2013-07-20 0012013-07-20 016

2013-07-20 076

2013-07-20 239

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Getting Home

We left Louisiana and headed to Tennessee.  We had several states to drive through and we got signs and rest stops along the way.

2013-07-19 002


2013-07-19 003

2013-07-19 006

and finally, Tennessee…

2013-07-19 010

We got home to discover that there peas to be picked!

2013-07-19 011

Monday, July 22, 2013

Finishing Up and Starting Over

We finished off our time in Lufkin with lunch with J at his favorite hamburger place, the airport!  And boy, are those hamburgers good!2013-07-17 002

We drove to Houston and had supper with dear friends…Terrys

We went to see their new house that is being built…2013-07-17 003

Now we are starting our trip back to Tennessee.

The next morning we meet K, who brought back T and also J who is coming home with us for a few days.2013-07-18 004

Our first stop was at Buc-ee’s…2013-07-18 001

2013-07-18 005

We had Whataburger for lunch and went into Louisiana…2013-07-18 007

2013-07-18 011

We had a great supper and then went swimming at the motel before calling it a night.2013-07-18 026

2013-07-18 025

2013-07-18 030

2013-07-18 032