Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Past Week

We have enjoyed a couple of great outings with family and friends.

Easter afternoon we played golf and everyone had a good time.2014-04-20 028

2014-04-20 016

2014-04-20 024

2014-04-20 037

2014-04-20 040

2014-04-20 042

2014-04-20 047

K and I played too, but no pics of us!


Later in the week we drove to Abington, VA to attend 3 plays at the Barter Theatre.  Live theatre is always good and these plays were no different.

2014-04-22 004

Other pictures…

2014-04-22 003

2014-04-22 005

2014-04-22 008

Wednesday morning we headed out to the Virginia Creeper Bike Trail which  is part of the rails to trails.  The portion that we rode was a 17 mile ride that started at White Top and ended in Damascus.  A great time in spite of the cool temps.  Here is some pictures of our ride.

2014-04-23 001

2014-04-23 003

2014-04-23 005

2014-04-23 006

2014-04-23 0112014-04-23 017

2014-04-23 019

2014-04-23 025

2014-04-23 034

2014-04-23 042

2014-04-23 0432014-04-23 045

2014-04-23 046

2014-04-23 059

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Drive, Chip and Putt

A wonderful weekend began Saturday with arriving in Augusta, GA…2014-04-05 001

and getting registered.2014-04-05 003

Sunday morning she is ready to go!!  (photo cred to Mack from his phone)10154284_497314177041721_868420730_n

No phones, tablets or any electronic devices are allowed on the ground of Augusta National so we were lucky to meet up with Karen and Tripp not long after they arrived.  We had already been there 1 1/2 hours before they were allowed to come from the hotel via vans.  The competitors only had an hour to warm up on the driving range, chipping green (where no patrons were allowed) and the practice green.  While Rheagan was practicing her drives, she was on the members range, there were several members who were also warming up…Arnold Palmer, Fuzzy Zeller, Freddy Couples, and Vijay Singh.2014-04-06 011

We finally got to see her when she was on the practice putting green.2014-04-06 180

They marched from event to event in the order that they were competing…Rheagan was #9.

Going to the Drive competition…2014-04-06 021

Bubba Watson came to watch them and after the interview, he shook hands with each of them!  More butterflies and adrenalin!

2014-04-06 186

As they were being introduced, the big screen showed this…2014-04-06 026

Deep breath…it’s finally here!

2014-04-06 027

Family viewing area…

2014-04-06 024

2014-04-06 025

Waiting for others to finish.


Time for Chipping…


2nd chip…2014-04-06 033

2014-04-06 035

From here they were carted to the practice green.

2014-04-06 038

Again, no warm up, just wait your turn and putt your 2 balls…one from 5 feet, which she sunk, and the other from 30 feet, which she just barely missed.2014-04-06 204

The they “marched” over to the 18th green of the Masters!!  Here they are put in reverse order of their ranking (lowest points to highest) and wait for their turn.

They are announced by Condoleezza Rice!!  She is one of 2 females who are members of Augusta National Golf Club.

2014-04-06 211

Once again, name on a big screen…2014-04-06 215

and it’s time to putt on the 18th green of the Masters! Just one putt… the same putt that Adam Scott had last year at the Masters to win.2014-04-06 072

She went passed the hole.

She came in 6th place just 1 point our of 3rd (3 girls were tied for 3rd).

After the awards were handed out…2014-04-06 231

she fell into Big Mike’s arms. She had such high expectations for herself.  We said she was a winner just by being there.

2014-04-06 115

Even though the competition was over, we were allowed to be on part of the grounds for another hour or so.  During this time we saw several professional golfers…

2014-04-06 064

Nick Faldo

2014-04-06 235

Ben Crenshaw

2014-04-06 126

Brandt Snedeker

2014-04-06 129

Sendeker and Harris English

2014-04-06 186

Bubba Watson

2014-04-06 111

a unknown golfer

Rheagan had family and friends who were there to watch her compete.2014-04-06 0182014-04-06 032

2014-04-06 1422014-04-06 0522014-04-06 051dcp2014-04-06 045

2014-04-06 1532014-04-06 167

Snapshots from the day…

2014-04-06 0042014-04-06 0072014-04-06 1032014-04-06 2332014-04-06 2232014-04-06 1412014-04-06 148

It was such a memorable day for everyone but especially Rheagan!!

2014-04-06 146

At dinner, she had her first request for an autograph!!


Thank you for hanging in there and reading all of this and looking at some of the pictures from that special day.  I could have put on many more…and these were just mine…just think how many more Karen has!!