Monday, September 30, 2013

Arkansas Football Game

Our football game took us to Little Rock and Fayetteville, Arkansas.  We started off on a propeller plane…it’s been awhile since we’ve been on one of those!

2013-09-27 001

We rented a Passat and felt close to Chattanooga!


We stopped for some delicious Mexican food…


our blessings were provided on the utensil wrapper…


and we had a refreshing dessert!


Since there was a 80% chance of rain at game time, we had to make a Walmart run for rain gear.  We had taken some ponchos, but we knew that was not going to be enough and we were right!


The yell leaders stopped by the tail gate party before we headed to the stadium. They don’t wear any additional clothes no matter the temperature or precipitation.

2013-09-28 001

Donald W. Reynolds Stadium…

2013-09-28 002

The picture doesn’t show all of her “stuff” but she is always decked out in support of her boy and A&M.  It's only weird if it doesn't work!

2013-09-28 008

Before the game…


and during the game.


They, the University of Arkansas, didn’t allow Reveille to come…no live animals on the field.  But they had a Razorback in a trailer. And the A&M band could sit in the stands but not perform at half time.  They chose not to come.

A&M won the game 45-33.  We have been there and don’t have to go back.

A Buddhist monk at the Charlotte airport going somewhere.

2013-09-29 002

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to our favorite granddaughter (she is our only)!  It’s great to be 14!!

Rheagan winning

2013-09-10 001

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

More Football

Another football week end, but Mike needed to do some studying for the Finance class that he teaches on M and W each week.


We drove up to Lufkin and had supper with Mike’s roommate at A&M but he has been my friend since the 2nd grade!  We were all eating our meals before I could get the camera out!


Our breakfast on Sat. morning was delicious.


At A&M we got to see the mules as they walked around.


A Fuddrucker hamburger before we went into the stadium.


We got to see Parson’s Mounted Calvary as they rode in review.



Soon Reveille also passed in review.


The SMU band…


followed by the A&M band.


A full moon rising…

IMG_0099A&M won the game 42-13.

On Sunday we ate lunch at the Atlanta airport.


The Texas group did not join us at this game so we were a little lonely.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Alabama Weekend

The week end of the Texas A&M-Alabama football game started with us flying into Houston and driving to Odem.  Of course, we had to stop a get a bite to eat!  We saw a Freebirds and knowing that it is one of P’s favorite places, we decided to stop.  Wow…so much food, but very good.


We continued our drive and it was time for some dessert…


We got to see the Odem Owls play football.  You gotta love Friday night football in Texas!


Saturday morning we headed to College Station but of course, we had to eat on the way!


There were soooo many people on campus for this game…Aggies and Alabama fans.

2013-09-14 019

Before we watched the team walk in, we stopped for a picture or 2.

2013-09-14 003

2013-09-14 005

J giving high 5s to the players…


Time for the Aggies to line up and sing the Spirit…the Alabama team keeps on warming up.


The stands were brimming with excitement as the game began.


The band, as usual, did a great job!

2013-09-14 038

It was an exciting game…A&M just ran out of time.

We had a lay-over in Atlanta, so we watched planes while we ate.


Sunday, September 8, 2013

Quick Trip

We left early Sat. morning for the A&M football game.  We got there around noon so we HAD to eat!!

2013-09-07 002

We got to College Station before the rest of the family so we walked around. The yell leaders held a yell practice for the children…

2013-09-07 007

a part of the band was ready to lead the team in…

2013-09-07 008

but due to  lightening in the area, the team stayed on their buses…

2013-09-07 012

It started to sprinkle before the game while we were waiting for the band and the corps to march in…

2013-09-07 013

and the bookstore had sold out of ponchos, so we got wet during the game!  The football team won 65-28 and the band looked great. 

2013-09-07 016

We drove back to Houston after the game, went to bed, got up early and were back in Chatt. at 1:00. 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Throwback Thursday

Going back to 2006 for these two.

Soccer and Tripp Easter 06 027

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

It’s Football Time in Texas

We had a chance to see the oldest grandson play in his 1st varsity football on Friday night.  And in Texas, as well as other places, Friday night lights is real!

2013-08-30 010

He is # 33 on the program and #1 in our hearts. Kick-off return team…

2013-08-30 011

and the punter…

2013-08-30 012

On Saturday, we drove to the A&M- Rice football game.  They are demolishing an old gym that held great memories for M, K and J.  In addition, all 3 of them had their graduation ceremonies held in that gym.  It certainly did make Kyle Field bigger from this angle.

2013-08-31 001

After watching the band and corps march by, we headed up to our seats.  It was a scorcher…100+ degrees!

2013-08-31 002

2013-08-31 003

At half time the band performed and it is the largest band in A&M history…over 400.  They once again did an outstanding job.

2013-08-31 009

We came home on Sunday after the gigantors took us to the airport! At least from my perspective!

2013-09-01 003

Our lay over in Dallas allowed time for us to eat and take a nap!

2013-09-01 005

2013-09-01 008