Thursday, May 29, 2008

This morning we had breakfast at the hotel before we walked a block or so to the city market where we saw the flower stalls, fish mongers, bakeries, meat markets and spice dealers. There were many things we were used to seeing and more things that were new and unusual to us. Two of the most interesting things were the guy who was grinding up lamb, which was OK until you could hear the small bones crunching as it went through the grinder. The other was a stall that had fresh chickens and the guy was searing the fine feathers that were remaining over a Bunsen burner. We then stopped at a kiosk to buy a couple of postcards and stamps before we went to a bank to get some Euros.

We then boarded the bus and drove a couple of hours to Berea where we saw the 3 steps of the synagogue where Paul preached. There was a monument with beautiful Byzantine mosaic work showing the Macedonian call and another showing Paul preaching in the synagogue. The middle was a mosaic of Paul standing. We left there and drove to lunch in the town of Veginia where it was a type of cafeteria. Mike and I shared a Greek Salad and a hamburger steak and rice. It was OK, not great.

We then went to a manufacturing facility that was making “icons.” Icons are painted representations of important people in the Greek Orthodox Church, mostly from the time of the Bible. We were able to see it from the beginning of the choice of wood to the finishing touches of putting on 22 carat gold leaf around the edges of the portrait. Our hotel was very nearby so we checked into our warm hot rooms. (The hotels we have stayed in so far have required us to put a keycard in a slot in the room for the electricity to come on.) The air conditioner in this hotel is cooled with chilled water and it will take a while to get it down some. We’re hoping by bedtime to have it down to 85 degrees!
Dinner was served in the dining room on white table cloths and cloth backed chairs. We had a first course of cheese in Phyllo dough, followed by a small Greek salad, a main course of beef chunks, very tender, peas and carrots, and rice. We also had sliced bread and water to drink. Our dessert was vanilla custard with chocolate sauce. A very good meal.

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