Monday, February 16, 2009

A Week End in Texas

We have spent the past few days in Texas visiting the the #1 daughter and the 2 Texas grandsons. the SIL was in Washington, DC for a Cotton Council meeting and other meetings. while we were there, we took in a high school basketball game.

On Saturday, the boys walked their pigs to get them ready to take to San Antoni0 tomorrow. This is the biggest barrow (pig) show in the country. There will be some 6000 pigs at this show.
The mother helped with the brushing and general loving on the pigs.

After the boys played and won their basketball games, ( they didn't get to choose the color of their shirts!)

they walked the pigs again. This is to help the pigs lose some weight and build up some more muscle.

Sunday, we went to church, out to lunch and then the SIL flew in. The boys walked the pigs again before the #1 grandson and his father cooked some delicious rib eyes with a blue cheese crust on top. The #1 daughter fixed some wonderful new potatoes and a spinach salad.

This morning we flew back to Birmingham and then drove to Cleveland.

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Unknown said...

I love pigs! LOL We had pigs when I was a kid. However, when I realized why we had pigs- I was so very sad- I mean I fed them from a bottle when they were little piglets! Oh sweet memories just in seeing your grandsons and their pigs.
Glad you had a great trip!