Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2nd Snow Day

The country mice were able to get out and come to see the city mice today!

T and R went sledding in our neighborhood and had a great time.

Schools are out again tomorrow. It is supposed to get down to 19 tonight and not get above freezing until Friday afternoon! The schools may never open again!!

Mike and I got out to go to the Post Office after lunch to mail the New Year's cards!! The main roads have been cleared but the side roads are still just slush that will freeze tonight and stay that way. We could not get back up our hill, so the van is sitting at the bottom of the hill. Mack was our hero and our taxi and came and took us up the hill! I guess we can walk down and use the van...we just won't be able to get back up the hill anytime soon!!


Lynda said...

I am trying to remember the last time I thought it was fun to slide and roll around in the snow - - - probably when my children were younger?!! Praise God they were having such a great time - - - and you had a rescuer to get you home.

chelsea said...

I love playing with snow like these kids, I kinda miss my cousins when we play outside throwing snowballs with each others. Oh good old days
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