Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Jackson had a very good day today. He didn't have any headaches and his surgeon said that it looked like he was "home free". He will have another day of being monitored and then on Thursday he will have surgery to remove the shunt from his head and the tubing that is in his body. Then he should be home this weekend!

Today he had that sparkle back in his eyes this morning when I got to the hospital. We played Uno, Monopoly, made Lego "things" and took walks around the halls. He listened to his Ipod, watched a movie and took a nap after lunch. Many visitors came to see him and brought food, sweatshirts, toys and balloons...a much-loved boy!

His Dad and brother have gone to San Antonio to show pigs on Wed. And Thurs. Life goes on in spite of someone being in the hospital and we're so thankful that Jack is doing well enough for them to go.

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Lynda said...

Praise God for the great report. I would have been surprised if you had NOT gone to be with him. Your presence probably has helped his healing, too! Love will do that.