Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Win for the Home Team

This past week end we had the opportunity to go to the A&M-Baylor football game…we were a house divided.

We got there a little after noon so we had to stop for a little snack…we couldn’t wait until supper to eat!  Plus we always try to get a Whataburger whenever we are in Texas.2011-10-14 001

On Friday night, K and the boys and a friend drove to Houston to spend the night with us.  J had gone to Indiana to get pigs!

We went to Pappasittas for Mexican food but we dove into the food before I could get a picture!  S joined us after she had choir practice…what kind of choir director has his choir practice their Christmas music on a Friday night?!2011-10-14 003

We headed to College Station early Saturday morning for an 11:00 a.m. kickoff.  This was a “white-out” game to remember the Texas wildfires that occurred earlier this fall.2011-10-15 003

Both of the bands performed at halftime.2011-10-15 006

2011-10-15 009

The final score was A&M 55-Baylor 28.

This is a view of our side of the stands after the game when we were on the field.  We sit in the 3rd deck…it’s a long walk up there!2011-10-15 011

The boys always enjoy going onto the field and throwing a football after the game.2011-10-15 012

We headed our separate ways and we stopped here for a baked potato and brisket and sausage before we went to the hotel. Again, we were too hungry to remember to take a picture of our food!2011-10-15 013

Sunday morning we went to the airport for our flight back to Tennessee.  This is our last trip through the Houston airport so I had to take a final picture what you see as you enter the terminal.2011-10-16 001

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Lynda said...

It's obvious you had another fun time with family. Why is it your final time in the Houston airport? Or is that just for this season?