Tuesday, May 1, 2012


We recently had Mike’s brother visit with us for a few days.  It’s always good to have him come to see us.  After playing golf for 2 days, it was time for some serious projects!  We had a rain barrel that needed to be readied for rain…just hope we get some.

2012-04-28 003

 2012-04-28 004

They were using an antique drill that had been their Dad’s many years ago.2012-04-28 007 Fortunately, no one was electrocuted in the process!2012-04-28 009

Success!  Water ran out of the gutter into the barrel.2012-04-28 010

Mike and Bob


Lynda said...

Hooray for natural gardening! Your plants will love that more than the garden hose. Good job, Men!

Anonymous said...

I miss you guys so much. Hope all is well in Tennessee and Missouri. Also would like to get into contacted each other by email. -Becka G.