Monday, July 22, 2013

Finishing Up and Starting Over

We finished off our time in Lufkin with lunch with J at his favorite hamburger place, the airport!  And boy, are those hamburgers good!2013-07-17 002

We drove to Houston and had supper with dear friends…Terrys

We went to see their new house that is being built…2013-07-17 003

Now we are starting our trip back to Tennessee.

The next morning we meet K, who brought back T and also J who is coming home with us for a few days.2013-07-18 004

Our first stop was at Buc-ee’s…2013-07-18 001

2013-07-18 005

We had Whataburger for lunch and went into Louisiana…2013-07-18 007

2013-07-18 011

We had a great supper and then went swimming at the motel before calling it a night.2013-07-18 026

2013-07-18 025

2013-07-18 030

2013-07-18 032

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