Tuesday, July 29, 2014

More Culture

Another Day in Utah

Beginning at 9:00 a.m. we went to seminars on the plays from the previous day and then we went to the Costume Seminar where we learn about all of the wonderful costumes that are made on site as well acquired from other theaters as well as off the rack. In fact, some years, jackets and suits are bought from Hardwick Clothes.

Mike and I walked over to a Mexican fast food place near the hotel and got some rolled guacamole tacos to share.

After a time of R&R it was time for supper! We went to Milt’s Steak House where the salad bar is so inviting. We shared a ribeye and a baked potato.

After supper, it was time to go back for the evening’s play and hear from the founder, Fred Adams, who started this wonderful festival 53 years ago. He wears unique tailored shirts along with lots of bling…rings on several fingers and a watch encrusted with diamonds. He gave us a great orientation on Henry IV Part One.

There was thunder and lightning all around as the play began but it wasn’t until 20 before intermission that the rains began to fall. We were fortunate that our seats were out of the rain since the winds were blowing the rain away from us, but those on the first 6 rows got soaked if they didn’t have raingear. Many people got up to find shelter. The House Manager made the decision that the play would be moved indoors and we used our rainstage seat assignments. It made for a much more comfortable 2nd half of the play!

Shakespeare’s first history play, Henry IV Part One, begins with a troubled King Henry IV on the throne of England. He has ascended to the throne by disposing his predecessor, England is being attacked by Scottish forces and is in danger of being defeated, his son Hal is leading the life of a commoner, and his goal of leading a crusade to the Middle E Hal) have defeated the Scots and captured one of the renowned Scottish Generals. This causes King Henry IV to lament that Hal was not upholding his regal obligations of court and military service and instead, spends his time in the company of Sir John Falstaff and the gang of low-lifers at the Boar’s head Tavern. Along the way, Hal joins his low-life friends in a plan to dupe sir John Falstaff and expose him as a liar and a coward. While Hal is enjoying life, Hotspur refuses to turn over to the crown, the spoils from his successful military campaign. Hal pledges to redeem his tarnished reputation by forcing Hotspur to adhere to the king’s wishes. Hotspur, instead, plans to overthrow the crown. Hal leads the king’s forces in defeating the rebels and peace returns to England.

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