Sunday, September 6, 2009

Successful Start

We had a great time at A&M yesterday...we participated in many of the Aggie traditions and then the football won! It was wonderful. too bad that I didn't get a picture of the family but we'll be back there in 2 weeks to do it all again. Here are some pictures that I did take while we were there.


Lynda said...

The height of those bleachers is amazing. How tall do you think they are from ground to the top row of seats? It almost makes me dizzy to think of being up there. Heights are not my favorite. How many people does the stadium hold when full?

Anonymous said...

Glad that they won! It was a great day!-- Sonya

Mary Helen said...

Lynda- Kyle Field holds 82,000 with no added seats. It is probably 175 feet to the top of the 3rd deck. It is better for me to use binoculars to really see the guys on lthe field.