Monday, September 5, 2011

It’s Football Time at A&M

This past week end we went to Texas and went to 2nd Baptist Church North Campus for a Saturday night service.  David gave the offertory prayer and Mark did the announcements and benediction. Afterwards we all went to eat Mexican food that was delicious.2011-09-03 001On Sunday we went to College Station for the A&M-SMU game that was televised on Fox Sports…thus the reason it was on Sunday night!  Of course, prior to going on campus, we had to eat and the bar-b-que at Rudy’s was fantastic!2011-09-04 001Payne has certainly outgrown me…2011-09-04 003and Jackson is on his way!2011-09-04 004

The boys and Big Mike at the 12th Man statue…2011-09-04 006

We even let the parents come!!!2011-09-04 024

We watched the team during the Spirit Walk…2011-09-04 014and the band and the Corps march in.2011-09-04 0272011-09-04 029and or course, Reveille…2011-09-04 032

Finally it was time to head into Kyle Field for the pregame festivities.2011-09-04 039Warm-up…2011-09-04 038School song…2011-09-04 045Fly-over…2011-09-04 049Half-time…2011-09-04 058Student section…2011-09-04 053You can see that there are no pictures of the game…it was too exciting to stop and take a picture!

By the way, A&M won the game 46-14.

Next time I won’t take the “big” camera especially since I can’t make adjustments “on the fly”!!  I’ll just use the small point and shoot that I can put in my pocket!

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