Friday, September 2, 2011

Some Family Members on the Ball Field

This week we have had 3 of the family participating in various forms of ball.

Payne played in a high school JV football game where he was a receiver and the


Rheagan played in a middle school soccer game where she scored 3 goals.

2011-09-01 0012011-09-01 002

And finally Karen worked the chains for the high school football game.  She was out on the field 3 different times when the officials wanted to measure for a first down.2011-09-02 0082011-09-02 007


Lynda said...

Great action shots. R has long legs like her mom, doesn't she? That is one energetic child. The young man looks awesome, too.
Working the chains - - - I had never heard that expression but remember I am the one who is not the avid football fan. Thanks for teaching me something today.

r4 said...

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