Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Trip to Texas

We got to Texas in time to see P play his football game.  There he goes, #85, to give the play to the team.2011-10-27 005

He got off a 35 yard punt…and looked great doing it!2011-10-27 007

On Friday we woke up to find a huge tractor in the front yard.2011-10-27 001

We got to spend some time with the pigs.  This is one of 11 that they have and are raising to some at their county show as well as some at the San Antonio show. 2011-10-28 010

We had a chance to stop for a picture before we went to the Odem-Taft football game on Friday night.2011-10-28 016

We left real early on Saturday for an 11:00a.m. kick-off. 

This is the National Champion Women’s Basketball team that was recognized at half-time of the game. 2011-10-29 001

Here is the band doing an intricate move where they cross.   2011-10-29 004 Before we left on Sunday, they had an opportunity to clean the pig pens!2011-10-30 001

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