Monday, November 21, 2011

Another Football Game

We drove to Texas for this football game and the one on Thanksgiving night. This was Mike’s 45th class reunion at A&M. We went to the dinner on Saturday night but didn’t take any pictures…we knew that you wouldn’t know any of those people and neither did Mike!!

Here are some snapshots that we took before and during the game.

And yes, the one yell leader is quite tall!007




Sid and Mike were roommates at A&M.



Muffin top and boots…020

The graves of the deceased mascots…more at the last picture.021

Big George was being honored…023

The fly-over were 3 Ospreys from California.026

Block T with the entire Corps of Cadets …the first time since 1956…Mike never got to do this.035

In front of the graves is a scoreboard so the “dead dogs’ can see the score.!038

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