Monday, September 17, 2012

We’re in the SEC!!

2012-09-08 003

Mike, and Aggies in general, are glad and excited for A&M to be in the SEC.

Having ESPN Game Day on campus was an added bit of excitement for the A&M vs. Florida football game.2012-09-08 0072012-09-08 0102012-09-08 014

The crowds were energized as they awaited the A&M band and corps to march down the street.2012-09-08 024

It took longer than usual to get into the stadium.2012-09-08 0292012-09-08 033

The fly-over at the end of the National Anthem…2012-09-08 036

The new coach made some changes in the way that the team enters the stadium.2012-09-08 040

Ready for the kick-off…2012-09-08 044

The band acknowledged the SEC at the end of their performance.2012-09-08 051

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Pam said...

Glad you are catching us up on your life! You've been misses!