Saturday, August 17, 2013

More Culture

The breakfast was another delicious one!


The patrons at the Literary Seminar are varied and many of them are able to multi-task!



We went to the Garden House for supper.


The ice cream yesterday was so good that we did a repeat today!


The evening’s activities began with an orientation and then we saw Love’s Labour’s Lost.


Here is another picture of the model of the set for the play.


Love’s Labour’s Lost, an early comedy of Shakespeare opens with the King of Navarre and three noble companions, Berowne, Dumaine, and Longaville, taking an oath to devote themselves to three years of study, promising not to give in to the company of women – Berowne somewhat more hesitantly than the others. Berowne reminds the king that the princess and her three ladies are coming to the kingdom and it would be suicidal for the King to agree to this law. The King denies what Berowne says, insisting that the ladies make their camp in the field outside of his court. The King and his men meet the princess and her ladies. Instantly, they all fall comically in love. Soon, the men of Navarre realize that to really pursue, the women, they must “throw their vow to the wind.” They then devise all sorts of approaches to court their ladies. The ladies are suspicious of the Lord’s intentions. After the men make a plea for the hands of their ladies, the ladies agree to to consider the proposals in a year and a day and return to France leaving the men to contemplate the realities of love and responsibility.

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Lynda said...

I am reading the posts backwards - -newest to oldest - - - but looks like I started with a great one. The play sounds like fun and the food - - - let's just say I love that you take us on vacation with you to the restaurants. It looks delicious.