Tuesday, September 3, 2013

It’s Football Time in Texas

We had a chance to see the oldest grandson play in his 1st varsity football on Friday night.  And in Texas, as well as other places, Friday night lights is real!

2013-08-30 010

He is # 33 on the program and #1 in our hearts. Kick-off return team…

2013-08-30 011

and the punter…

2013-08-30 012

On Saturday, we drove to the A&M- Rice football game.  They are demolishing an old gym that held great memories for M, K and J.  In addition, all 3 of them had their graduation ceremonies held in that gym.  It certainly did make Kyle Field bigger from this angle.

2013-08-31 001

After watching the band and corps march by, we headed up to our seats.  It was a scorcher…100+ degrees!

2013-08-31 002

2013-08-31 003

At half time the band performed and it is the largest band in A&M history…over 400.  They once again did an outstanding job.

2013-08-31 009

We came home on Sunday after the gigantors took us to the airport! At least from my perspective!

2013-09-01 003

Our lay over in Dallas allowed time for us to eat and take a nap!

2013-09-01 005

2013-09-01 008

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