Monday, October 6, 2014

Fall Activities

The region golf tournament found the Cleveland girls team coming in 2nd place by 2 strokes and only 1 team goes on to the state tournament!  But both of the girls qualified as individuals!!

2014-09-22 003

2014-09-22 029

Along the course, you are able to see lots of deer who feel very much at home and are not scared by the golfers.  T took the camera and got real close to one of them.2014-09-22 017

2014-09-22 019

2014-09-22 021

We went to Odem asnd saw J play football in Beeville. #122014-09-25 009

Even though this is a small town, their football field is big!2014-09-25 002

Then we saw P play.  His father was out of the coutry so was not there for parent’s night.2014-09-26 011

All of the pictures from the games were blurry…I’ll try to do better next time!

2014-09-26 042

We got to enjoy some new chickens and pigs while we were in South Texas.2014-09-26 004

2014-09-26 007

We returned and went to the state golf tournament.

The girls were doing a phone interview with the Chattanooga newspaper…

2014-09-29 001

1st day…2014-09-30 008

2nd day…2014-10-01 005

They both played very well…H finished 12th and R was 14th.  So proud of both of them!2014-10-01 012

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