Friday, November 7, 2014

A First for R & T

Recently we had the opportunity to take the TN grandchildren to Texas A&M for a football game.  The Texas crew were not able to come due to the kick-off time which was 11:00a.m. So they shared their tickets and we were able to introduce A&M to R&T. (Their mother tagged along also!  She was not about to miss out on a trip to College Station!)

We flew out of Chattanooga; T rode the escalator while R ran up the stairs.2014-10-31 004

Heading through security…2014-10-31 005


2014-10-31 006

It was raining as we pulled away from the gate…2014-10-31 014

Big Mike is needing a lesson on how to take a selfie!…2014-10-31 012

My seat-mate was a little excited!…2014-10-31 015

We made it Houston after going through Atlanta…2014-10-31 016

After having issues with getting our luggage, and waiting in line to rent a car, we finally made it to the hotel only to find our rooms on different floors instead to next to each other!  We ( or at least K) had hoped to get a Whataburger after getting to Houston, but after all of the delays, she decided it was too late.  We would just wait until the morning and have breakfast.

The Chicken Honey Biscuit was delicious but messy!!2014-11-01 001

The rest of the saga will be continued later.

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Tom Salagaj said...

Beautiful photos of a wonderful family! I was impressed! Keep up the good work!