Sunday, September 7, 2008


This morning, after we ate breakfast at the hotel, we had to wait around so Mike could check in on line for our flight in the morning. We then went to Eastern Hills Baptist Church for their traditional service at 10:45 a.m. This is a church that has an active membership of about 350 according to what the pastor said. There was about 100 or so people in our service, most of whom were older that us! The music was good and he pastor preached on unity among Christians using Acts 2 as his scripture.

On our way back to the hotel, we saw a Whataburger, and Mike had to pull in! We weren't planning on eating lunch today...just an early supper. Oh, well, so much for those plans!

We had a short rest before going to the Sandia Mountains and taking a Tram to the peak. The tram is the longest in the world(2.7 miles) and it takes some 15 minutes to take the ride up some 5,000 feet. Once there we walked around enjoying the beauty of the area. Interestingly, the west side of the mountain is a hot desert area with steep slopes and granite outcroppings. However the east side has gentle slopes, ski runs, much cooler temperatures, and dense forests. After a couple of hours, we took the tram back down to the bottom of the mountain and made our way back to Albuquerque.

We were on the mountain during the time when the restaurant up there, High Finance, was between meals, so we ate after we came down...Mexican again, for the last time. The Carne Asada enchiladas as well as the beef tostados were very good.

Here is the sunset from our 2nd story room.

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