Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Days of School

School has started in Tennessee and Texas for the grandchildren and Mike.

It is a time of major changes for each of the grandchildren.  Payne is going into the 9th grade(high school), Rheagan is in the 6th grade(middle school), Jackson is also in the 6th grade(junior high school), and Tripp is in kindergarten.  Wow!!

Rheagan started school on August 4th!

2011-08-04 002

Tripp was not too thrilled to go for to his “phase-in” day…

2011-08-10 002

but a couple of days later, on August 12th, when it was time for school to begin for “real”, he was ready!2011-08-12 002

Payne and Jackson started their classes on August 22nd.

2011-08-22 001

Mike’s classes at Lee University started today, August 25th.

2011-08-25 002

Now everyone is in their places with bright, shiny faces!


Lynda said...

Tripp looks older from phase-in day to first day of school! Wow! Please let Mr. Mike know I changed my mind about Encore. Explanation is on my blog but I don't want to add another activity until retirement in a couple of years!

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