Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday’s Musings

Our 50th high school reunion was such a success.  Sunday morning we met at a breakfast restaurant and enjoyed visiting one more time together. I was busy talking…imagine that…that I forgot to take any pictures!

We drove to Houston and had supper with M, S, D & E.  It was a wonderful time of eating Mexican food and catching up with their lives.2012-04-22 001

We were able to retrieve the pictures that we had “lost” from Friday.  Yeah!

We had lunch with Joel and his wife Margaret on Friday before they left to take their grandson on a mini-vacation.  He and M played basketball together in high school.Reunion 001

Then we stopped by the venue to help with decorating for Saturday night.  It was great to be able to get in some hugs before we went to the hamburger outing Friday night.Reunion 004

Reunion 005

Reunion 006

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Lynda said...

You could probably write a book about where the best Mexican Restaurants are in the States! Which one is your favorite restaurant here at home? We enjoy LaAltena - - especially at lunchtime cuz the lunch special prices are great at that time and the portions are more than adequate.