Thursday, April 19, 2012

Start of a Great Week End

We are in Lufkin for our 50th high school reunion and we are so excited about seeing everyone.

We started off by eating at Mo’s when we landed in Houston.002

This morning we had breakfast at the hotel before we headed out to run some errands.003



One thing on our “to do” list was to put new flowers on the parents’ graves.006


After lunch we began assembling the treats of M&Ms that each attendee will receive at the Saturday night get together.009

We had supper with my brother, Jim, who will soon be retiring after 42 years of working at Atkinson Candy Company, and Sid and Debbie.015

As we were leaving, we got an early start on the week end, when in walked Bill Cook and his wife Mary Alice.


Lynda said...

The food at Mo's - - - was that just for two people? It's a bunch. The potatoes are HUGE! Praying you have a great time of fellowship.

Mary Helen said...

Yes, Linda, that was food for 2 and we ate every bite of it!!

kilgoregirl said...

Please give Jimmy a BIG hug from me! He looks great! have a good time.....everyone will look older than you, MH! Hugs, Diane