Saturday, March 21, 2009


Hello Spring!!

I drove around Lufkin a little before leaving town. This are the azaleas on the side of the house I grew up living in...boy, have times changed!

I then drove to Nacogdoches to go to the Azalea Festival that I had seen advertised on a billboard driving up from Houston. Nacogdoches is where Mike lived for several years before his family moved to Lufkin when he was in the 9th grade. It is the oldest town in Texas and still has brick streets in the downtown area.

I got some information and drove one of the three driving tours through out the town. Some many of the homes were full of color...this is just a sample.

Then I went to an 8 acre public azalea garden...again so many beautiful colors and so many varieties of azaleas as well as hydrangeas, magnolias, iris, etc. It was pleasant to be able to walk the trails and enjoy God's magnificent beauty in the flowers and in the gorgeous weather.

I then headed to Tyler where I was staying with Mike's aunt. Along the way, I stopped at a Texas landmark...Dairy Queen!
E and I had a great visit and a good meal at a cafeteria before we returned to her house for a piece of delicious homemade lemon pie. It's always fun to be with her and be the beneficiary of her warm hospitality. Sorry I didn't get a picture of her to add to this.

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