Monday, August 1, 2011

Sunday, July 31st

Since we have adjusted to Pacific time yet, we woke up early and were able to take a 45 minute walk and stop at Mickey D’s for breakfast.001

We got ready for church and decided to go to Green Valley first…002and we enjoyed getting to visit with several friends that we knew from when we went to church there. 

Then we drove to a local high school where Hope Baptist Church meets while they are in transition until a new facility is built.003And there we even saw an old friend from Green Valley who now attends Hope!

We drove to a familiar Mexican restaurant for lunch and had a delicious buffet.


We picked up our friends at the airport and then we went to a restaurant in the Venetian Hotel, Otto’s, … great food, just forgot a picture of us and the food!007

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Lynda said...

That's the really nice thing about going back 'home' is you know where to worship and where to eat. I am just now playing 'catch-up' and reading everything for the past week - week and a half!