Thursday, August 21, 2008

Exciting Thursday

Today was the first day of classes for Mike who will be teaching 6 classes at Lee University in the Business Department. The first day of school is always exciting no matter what your age or grade.

The highlight of the afternoon was the arrival of Kelly and Jon. They are here to go with Mack and Karen to the Bristol NASCAR race. After a bite of supper at Jenkin's, we went to watch Rheagan at soccer practice.

Kelly was able to visit with Vanessa and meet her daughter Lia. Vanessa's boys were practicing soccer on an adjoining field.


Anonymous said...

Big Mike -- 6 classes. That doesn't sound like you are in retirement. When will you play golf? Great pictures MH!

John and Court said...

I LOVE THE FIRST DAY PICTURES!!! I took them of us too but have been lazy on uploading!!