Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday's Happenings

We ate a hearty breakfast in the hotel this morning before Mike went to pick up the rental car. He came back with a Buick...a "grandmother" car...but the luggage would not fit into its traditional trunk. So back to the airport for another car...this time a Nissian Rogue which is a small SUV, but the luggage fits, even if it's tight!

We headed to downtown Halifax that was hosting a street festival. We went to a Harbour Hopper tour which took us on the land and in the water. We enjoyed our hour but the guide was big on "show" and little on substance.
We then stopped to watch some of the street performers before we walked a few block for lunch. As you can see, we ate well.

We then walked back to the festival that was held on the waterfront. More street performers and of course, we had to have some dessert. We had Beaver Tails which are fried bread with a variety of toppings. This one had chocolate, caramel drizzle and Reece's pieces...lots of sugar!
After we waddled to the car, we went to the Citadel which is the fort that protected Halifax. Across the street was the Public Gardens that had acres of gravel paths that meandered among trees and gorgeous flowers. This one is for Kelly.After we checked into our hotel for this evening, we found a nearby church that had an evening service.(We had planned on going this morning, but the car situation changed those plans.) We found the congregation to be very cordial...there were about 60 people there. The singing was enjoyable and they even had a time for people to choose their favorite hymn. The preacher pointed out that to receive God's forgiveness, a Christian must forgive those who have wronged them.

For supper(are you seeing a pattern we found a shopping center near the church and decided on this place. Food was great.

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CoachKSH said...

sounds like a fun time for all - even the bellies!!! Call when you can -